Get a Low-Cost, High-Quality Repair

Learn more about mobile dent repair in Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough & Westbrook, ME and Portland area

You want to get that dent out of your car, but you don't want to spend the time and money to take it to an auto body repair shop. Don't make the damage worse with a DIY dent repair kit. Just turn to dings and dents. We're an auto dent removal service offering paintless dent repairs.

Make your car look as new as the day it rolled off the lot. Schedule a mobile dent repair appointment in the Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough & Westbrook, ME and greater Portland area today.

Erase all trace of your door ding

Was the culprit an unattended shopping cart, a car door or a pole you parked too closely to? Whatever caused your car's dent, trust Dings and Dents to repair it.

That dent doesn't need to become a permanent part of your car's look. Call Cape Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough & Portland, ME's premier auto dent removal service today at 207-400-7906.

4 reasons to choose paintless dent repair

If you're still not sure whether paintless dent repair is the right choice for you, consider the potential savings. Paintless dent repair work lets you save:

  1. Time: With our convenient, mobile service, you'll have a dent-free car in no time.
  2. Money: You'll save a fortune by choosing paintless dent repair over an auto body replacement.
  3. The environment: Auto paint releases toxic fumes into the air, so the less frequently you use it, the better.
  4. Value: Paintless dent repair work maintains the original paint on your vehicle, which helps maintain the car's value upon trade-in.
The choice is clear. Our mobile auto dent removal service is the best way to get door ding repair work.